Got questions?

The following are questions I get in my inboxes a lot, so I’ve compiled a quick FAQ for everyone! This list is ever growing, so be sure to check back!

Please read through all of these before contacting me with a question about my suits!

Are your commissions open?/ When will they be open?

As can be seen from my home page, commissions are currently closed, but you can join the mailing list to be notified when slots are available!

For every 2 suits I complete, I take on one customer from my mailing list. You are free to leave this list anytime, just let me know and I’ll remove you.

Do you offer half-suits/ 3/4 suits?

I do not offer half-suits and I don’t plan on offering them in the future, simply because the amount of work that goes into half-suits is not worth the price I’d reasonably charge.

What advice can you give for a first time maker?

Take your time, do your research, and don’t be afraid to redo.

I am under 18 and my parents hate furries, can I still commission a suit from you?

I cannot legally accept your payment if it isn’t through a parent or guardians PayPal account I’m afraid, I suggest you wait until you’re 18.

Do you sell fursuit making parts?

I do not offer individual parts like eyes and bases on their own, sorry!

Do you make *insert species here*?


Do you ship to *insert country here*?


Can I send you parts/an unfinished fursuit for you to use and finish?

Thats not really something I’m comfortable with at this moment in time, as I cannot guarantee quality for the price.

How long is your wait time?

At the moment, it is around a year to a year and a half from queue joining to completion. I’m aiming to reduce this time to 6 months over the next while.

Question not answered here?

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