Kemono suit disclaimer

Kemono fursuits are very visually appealing, and have a unique style; however, they are very different to western style suits, read on to make sure you’re informed before purchase!

Kemono suits are HOT

Kemono suits are very hot to wear, due to the style of the head. There is very minimal ventilation through the mouth, and no ventilation through the eyes. This is simply part of the style and not much can be done to counteract this without changing the style entirely. Fans are installed with every Kemono style head to take hot air out of the head, however the suits themselves are still much hotter than western style suits.

Kemono suits digitigrade is also hotter than western style as the top half of the digitigrade is thicker than usual, this also contributes to the heat of wear.

Kemono suits are not recommended for those with low heat tolerance, or those who are prone to heatstroke or heat stress.

Kemono suits are more challening to care for

Our Kemono suits come with the classic dome eyes. These are made out of sturdy acrylic, however this can mean that the acrylic can become scratched, extra care must be taken to prevent this.

The acrylic eyes and installed electronics mean that kemono heads, unlike our western heads, are not waterproof. Spot cleaning is the only option for kemono fursuit heads.

Kemono fursuits are not reccomended for first time fursuit owners

We cannot guarantee no eye fogging

One thing we learnt when visiting Japan to study the kemono fursuit style, is fogging is simply just a part of the kemono experience. Fogging is not visible from the outside of the suit, however fogging may occur inside the fursuit head. It is dependant on your body temperature, how much you sweat, and the external humidity and temperature.

The fans work to combat this common occurence, however each person and climate is different and we cannot guarantee the eyes won’t fog up. You may wish to spray your eyes with antifog spray used for motorcycle helmets or swimming goggles, however as a maker, it cannot be guaranteed that it won’t occur.

However in most cases, fogging will not be an issue when fans are operating.

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